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Friday, March 22, 2013

Trenches 2 Hack v1.4 Cheats Money Perk Download

Here is our brand new hack for Trenches 2 game.
With this Trenches 2 Hack you can add
Then you have to click on Activate and... it works! Then you restart the game and you can play with extra things!

How to use:
- Run the game and minimize it
- Tick the boxes next to hacks you want to use
- Put in the numbers next to hacks (define how much MONEY and PERK etc. you want)
- Click Activate
- Restart your game

How to download:
We don't want game creators to find out about our hacks, cause they would simply patch them and make them useless. That's why we ask you to fill out a short survey, to avoid patching our hacks.

- Enter one of the links above
- Click Download button
- Fill the short survey - additionally you will get a chance to win iPhone, iPad etc. !
- Your file will start downloading!

                                                 MAIN LINK


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