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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Astro Shark Hack v3.1 Points Speed Cheats Download 2013

Here is our brand new hack for Astro Shark game.
With this Astro Shark Hack you can add
Points and Speed
Then you have to click on Activate and... it works! Then you restart the game and you can play with extra things!

How to use:
- Run the game and minimize it
- Tick the boxes next to hacks you want to use
- Put in the numbers next to hacks (define how much Points you want and enter x2 or x3 next to Speed)
- Click Activate
- Restart your game

How to download:
We don't want game creators to find out about our hacks, cause they would simply patch them and make them useless. That's why we ask you to fill out a short survey, to avoid patching our hacks.

- Enter one of the links above
- Click Download button
- Fill the short survey - additionally you will get a chance to win iPhone, iPad etc. !
- Your file will start downloading!

                                                                     MAIN LINK


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